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September 18, 2014
Good Day DC (Fox 5 – Washington DC)
Snowy Owl Attack Lands as a Nominee for VPI Hambone Award®

August 8, 2014
Today Show
Peanut Wigglebutt? Howl With Laughter at the Craziest Pet Names of 2014

August 2014
Pet Insurance Experiencing ‘Exploding Growth

June 3, 2014
Top Companies to Work for Offer Pet Insurance

February 12, 2014
Competing for Top Talent? Consider Perks for Their Pets

February 10, 2014
The Simple Truth About Pet-Ownership Economics

January 27, 2014
DVM 360
VPI Commissions Study About Financial Health of Veterinarians

January 11, 2014
Huffington Post
VPI Reveals Most Common Dog Names of 2013

December 2, 2013
Yahoo! Shine
VPI Provides Five Ways for Keeping Pets Safe

November 6, 2013
ABC News
Singles Get Health Insurance for Pets

October 21, 2013
CRAIN’S Chicago Business
Companies add VPI Pet Insurance to benefits package

October 19, 2013
TODAY ShowArticle features 2013 VPI Hambone Award® winner, Winnie

October 5, 2013
The OC RegisterThe Orange County Register
VPI Helping to Bite Back at Animal Cancer

September 3, 2013
Sir Knuckles da Dragon wins VPI’s Wackiest Dog Name of 2013

August 22, 2013
The Salt Lake TribuneThe Salt Lake Tribune
Pet insurance gives owners peace of mind

July 27, 2013
CBS RadioCBS Radio
VPI Pet Insurance: a fast-growing employee benefit

July 24, 2013
KFYI RadioKFYI Radio
Employers bolster employee perks by offering VPI Pet Insurance as a voluntary benefit

July 12, 2013
Good Day LAGood Day LA
Fortune 500 companies offer VPI Pet Insurance as a voluntary benefit

July 11, 2013
Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
Employers offer VPI Pet Insurance as employee perk

July 10, 2013
MSN MoneyMSN Money
Does your company offer VPI Pet Insurance?

June 27, 2013
Yahoo! ShineYahoo! Shine
VPI lists the 10 Most Common Obesity-related Health Issues for Dogs and Cats

June 25, 2013
Veterinary Practice NewsVeterinary Practice News
VPI P&WS is highlighted in this article about payment options for veterinary practices

June 13, 2013
WCBS-New York
VPI Pet Insurance continues to grow as an employee benefit

June 12, 2013
One in three Fortune 500 companies offer VPI Pet Insurance as an employee benefit

June 1, 2013
AAHA Trends Magazine
VPI’s most common reason for veterinary visits

May 25, 2013
Denver Post
McQuire, VPI’s April Hambone Award® Nominee survived a brawl with a buck

May 20, 2013
Orange County Register
VPI offers growth opportunities for employees

May 17, 2013
Yahoo! Shine
VPI’s safety tips for traveling with pets during the summer are featured

May 09, 2013
Pittsburgh Business Times
Companies add pet insurance to list of voluntary benefits

May 3, 2013
Yahoo! News
Facebook post saves the life of VPI Hambone Award® Nominee, Winnie

May 2, 2013
Yahoo! Finance
Pet insurance can save pet owners money on costs of veterinary care

April 29, 2013
VPI’s list of the top 10 dog and cat pet insurance claims of 2012 are featured

April 18, 2013
Veterinary Practice News
North American Pet Health Insurance Association adds VPI to its board of directors

April 15, 2013
Detroit News
Article features Detroit companies that offer pet insurance to employees as a voluntary benefit

April 8, 2013
Benefits Pro
The trend of companies adding pet insurance to their benefits package continues to grow

April 8, 2013
What are the top 10 medical reasons people take their pet to the veterinarian?

March 14, 2013
VPI and Vested Interest in K9s raise funds to provide protective vests for police dogs

Feb. 16, 2013
The Denver Post
Is pet insurance essential?

Feb. 13, 2013
Romantic pet names for Valentine’s Day

Feb. 11, 2013
Article features Natasha the cat’s amazing washing machine survival story

Feb. 7, 2013
Today Show
VPI’s January Hambone Award® Winner survived a 35-minute washing machine cycle

Feb. 5, 2013
NBC Bay Area
Article details the story of Natasha, VPI’s January Hambone Award® Winner, who went through a washing machine cycle and lived to purr about it

Feb. 2, 2013
Article gives tips on how to catch early warning signs of dental disease in your dog or cat

Jan. 21, 2013
FOX Orlando
Segment gives tips on how to help your pets lose weight

Jan. 21, 2013
Real Simple
Article lists VPI’s top 10 most common dogs, cats, birds and exotics names of 2012

January 11, 2013
DVM 360
Bella tops the list of most popular pet names in 2012

January 1, 2013
Article lists the top 10 most popular dog and cat names of 2012

December 21, 2012
ABC Denver
Meet 2013 VPI Hambone Nominee Dingo, who nearly died after dining on dough

December 20, 2012
FOX Phoenix
Segment features holiday items that can be harmful to pets

December 9, 2012
NBC Phoenix
Veterinary Pet Insurance gives pet owners tips to keep their pets safe during the holidays

December 7, 2012
Orange County Register
VPI named in top 10 of companies to work for in Orange County, Calif.

November 21, 2012
E! Entertainment
E! correspondent, Ashlan Gorse and her dog Aurora, who survived pet cancer, participate in VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk

November 1, 2012
Article lists the top 10 pet cancer-related conditions

October 26, 2012
Orange County Register
2012 Presidential Election: the most common presidential names among pets in VPI’s database

October 23, 2012
San Francisco Examiner
VPI’s pet prediction that the San Francisco Giants will win the Fall Classic

September 28, 2012
Peanut: 2012 VPI Hambone Award® winner

September 26, 2012
MSN Money
Article features the 2012 VPI Hambone Award® Winner, Peanut

September 26, 2012
NBC Lansing
Meet Nathan, a 2012 VPI Hambone Award® Nominee who meddled with a muskrat

September 12, 2012
Article features Peanut, the 2012 VPI Hambone Award® Winner

September 11, 2012
CBS Philadelphia
VPI-insured 9/11 Rescue Dogs provide inspiration 11 years after the terrorist attacks

September 7, 2012
Veterinary Practice News
Polls open for voting on the 2012 Hambone Award®

September 1, 2012
Dog Fancy
Article lists dog park safety tips

September 1, 2012
Veterinary Practice News
Article takes a look back and glimpse into the future of the pet insurance industry

August 28, 2012
Family Circle
Pet insurance is featured as one of five ways to add years to your pet’s life

August 17, 2012
Huffington Post
Article explains the benefits of pet health insurance for pet owners

August 16, 2012
FOX Baltimore
Veterinary Pet Insurance announces its Wackiest Pet Names of the Year

August 14, 2012
‘Chew Barka’ and ‘Pico de Gato’ are VPI’s Wackiest Pet Names of the Year

August 13, 2012
Article features VPI’s Wackiest Pet Names of 2012 are featured

August 10, 2012
What’s in a name?

August 5, 2012
Article lists 10 snakes, spiders and other creatures that are dangerous for dogs and cats

August 2, 2012
Yahoo! Finance
Article lists pet insurance as one of six ways to save on pet care and includes VPI’s Wackiest Pet Names of 2012

August 1, 2012
USA Today
Article discusses the benefits of pet health insurance

July 31, 2012
FOX 6 – Wake Up Milwaukee
Veterinary Pet Insurance provides Wake Up Milwaukee viewers tips on how to keep canines safe at the dog park

July 28, 2012
FOX 40 Sacramento
Veterinary Pet Insurance helps Pebbles the cat recover from a 15-mile ride in the engine of a car

Huffington Post
Article highlights the winners of Veterinary Pet Insurance’s 2012 Most Unusual Pet Names and includes photos of the top 10 dogs and top 10 cats with the wackiest names of the year

July 1, 2012
Cat Fancy
Article discusses the benefits of pet insurance for felines and quotes Dr. Carol McConnell, chief veterinary medical officer for VPI Pet Insurance

June 25, 2012
The number of employers offering discounted Veterinary Pet Insurance as an employee benefit is a rising trend among Fortune 500 companies

June 11, 2012
Real Simple
Article details the cost of pet insurance

June 6, 2012
FOX Chicago News – Good Day Chicago
Veterinary Pet Insurance provides Good Day Chicago viewers tips on how to keep canines safe at the dog park

June 1, 2012
DVM 360 Magazine
The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) names Linda Markland, RVT, the 2012 Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) of the Year in Non-Private Practice

May 31, 2012
CBS Sacramento
Veterinary Pet Insurance provides Good Day Sacramento viewers tips on how to keep canines safe at the dog park

May 25, 2012
Yahoo! Shine
VPI’s most common dog and cat names of 2011 are featured

May 23, 2012
Veterinary Practice News
VPI’s top 10 reasons that owners take their dogs to the veterinarian

April 20, 2012
The New York Times
Dr. Carol McConnell, chief veterinary medical officer for VPI Pet Insurance, discusses pet obesity

April 13, 2012
The Orange County Register
VPI partners with One Dog Rescue

March 27, 2012
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Veterinary Pet Insurance helps a potbellied pig recover from drug overdose

March 22, 2012
Article looks back at the last 30 years of pet insurance, including the founding of Veterinary Pet Insurance in 1982

March 12, 2012
Yahoo! Sports
Let March Madness begin! Veterinary Pet Insurance analyzed its database of more than 485,000 insured pet names to determine which NCAA team will win it all on April 2 in New Orleans.

March 7, 2012
USA Today
The pet insurance industry is experiencing a boom, led by VPI, the nation’s largest and oldest provider of pet health insurance

February 20, 2012
FOX 5 News Las Vegas
Veterinary Pet Insurance helps a potbellied pig recover from drug overdose

February 9, 2012
Veterinary Pet Insurance benefits pet owners that are paying large bills due to their pet’s health

January 20, 2012
Each year, Veterinary Pet Insurance compiles a list of the unusual ingestion claims for its annual Hambone Award. The dubious title honors a dog that got stuck in its owner’s refrigerator and ate an entire Thanksgiving ham before being discovered

January 6, 2012
Baltimore Sun
Although Bella has dominated the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. dog-name list since 2009, for the first time it shot to the top of the kitty list as well in 2011


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