Beating Cancer: Redd’s Badge of Courage

For Pam Norwood of Broken Arrow OK., her dogs are much more than just pets, they’re family. Along with her husband and two sons, Pam’s family has two dogs, including Redd, a 6-year-old Vizsla mix with a fitting name. Redd was an unplanned rescue that was surrendered at a veterinary hospital before the Norwoods brought her home.

“My son found Redd and asked me to adopt her,” said Pam. “At first, I said no way! We don’t need another dog. But then he brought her home to foster and we fell in love with her. They say when you rescue a dog, you don’t know who adopted who. I think Redd adopted us.”

Pam decided to insure her dogs three years ago after seeing a television segment about the crazy ways that dogs can get injured and the costs that are associated with them. Pam determined it was better to be safe than sorry and signed up with VPI. Up until this year, Pam rarely needed to use her pet insurance policy, other than a few routine procedures and one incident when Redd cut herself chasing a squirrel.

However, after a routine procedure last April, things got much more serious. After noticing a couple lumps behind Redd’s leg, Pam took Redd in for a check-up. Upon inspection the veterinarian was concerned and referred Redd to a canine oncologist for testing. The results were devastating. Redd was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a deadly but treatable version of cancer.

“The news was crushing for us, but we knew she could beat this,” said Pam. “Redd’s condition was treatable, but expensive. But how do you put a price on the ones you love? Thankfully we have VPI, which made the whole situation much easier to deal with.”

Redd has had a long fight, but hasn’t lost her spirit. She’s been through extensive chemotherapy for more than seven months, but has continued to run and play every day without skipping a beat. With the holidays approaching, Redd has finished her chemotherapy and is awaiting final word that the cancer has been defeated.

“Redd has had so much courage through this whole ordeal,” said Pam. “She battled through the constant veterinary visits and draining chemotherapy treatments and never lost her stride. She’s still more worried about where my kids are when they’re not home than she is herself, and she still makes sure to cuddle with us every night.”

Redd is winning her battle with cancer and Pam and the Norwood’s couldn’t be happier with the amazing treatment from her veterinarians and the support from VPI.

“Choosing to purchase VPI was one of the best decisions we made as pet owners,” said Pam. “Redd is an important member of this family and expenses shouldn’t determine if she should be treated. VPI made our treatment choices something that we, as a family, could afford.”

You can help protect pets like Redd during November for National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Visit to find out how you can raise awareness and $20k for a cure.


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