Friday the 13th Pet Names Revealed

Every year, Friday the 13th’s unlucky superstition brings angst to millions of people. The ordinary date’s dreadful ambiance was even honored with the title of one of America’s most famous horror film franchises. In honor of the lone Friday the 13th of 2016 (May 13), Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance, scoured its database of more than 575,000 insured pets to find the 13 most popular horror movie inspired pet names. Below are the results:

13 Most Common Horror Movie Pet Names

  1. Jack (2,350) – “The Shining”
  2. Annabelle (238) – “The Conjuring”
  3. Ripley (213) – “Alien”
  4. Norman (182) – “Psycho”
  5. Freddy (120) – “Nightmare on Elm Street”
  6. Salem (96) – “Salem’s Lot”
  7. Cujo (63) – “Cujo”
  8. Damien (36) – “The Omen”
  9. Michael (30) – “Halloween”
  10. Chucky (25) – “Child’s Play”
  11. Carrie (23) – “Carrie”
  12. Regan (21) – “The Exorcist”
  13. Jason (19) – “Friday the 13th

Other frightful film pet names in the Nationwide database include “Frankenstein,” “Hannibal,” “Pennywise,” “Pinhead” and “Jigsaw.” Not a fan of horror films, but love the movies? Check out Nationwide’s movie themed pet names. To see some of the most creative monikers in Nationwide’s pet name database, visit

Is your pet’s name inspired by a scary movie? Let us know in the comments below!


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