Nationwide Celebrates Leap Year with Perilous Pet “Tails”

Nation’s Largest Pet Insurer Releases Leaping Pet Stories and Statistics

Leap Year may only come once every four years, but our pets are not averse to taking a “leap” when we least expect it. In honor of the quadrennial holiday on February 29, Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance, features perilous pups and courageous cats that took a leap of faith and lived to bark or purr about it.

From a super hero impersonating cat in Florida, to an overanxious traveling Husky in New Jersey, the Nationwide database of more than 550,000 insured pets reveals several harrowing leaps:


Henry, a Labrador retriever from San Diego, Calif., over shot an enthusiastic reunion with his neighbor and launched off a two-story balcony before landing on a car. Despite falling more than 20 feet and having a “ruff” landing, Henry only suffered from a broken toe nail and has since made a full recovery.


Eero, a Husky from Lawrence Township, N.J., couldn’t contain himself on his daily commute to the dog park and leaped out of his owner’s car, which was traveling at more than 35 mph. Eero freed himself from his safety travel hammock and squeezed through a side window, landing on the pavement below. After receiving stitches, Eero made a full recovery and escaped the incident with nothing more than a life lesson.


Shayna, a Labrador retriever from Holiday, Fla., jumped off a sea wall and into a canal, which wasn’t too far-fetched, since this leaping Lab loves the water. However, because it was low tide, Shayna fell onto a bed of sharp oysters leading to treatment for multiple lacerations. Shayna has made a full recovery and enjoys her days leaping into the family swimming pool for a daily dip.

stark 2

Stark, a mixed breed cat from Naples, Fla., lived up to his “Iron Man” inspired name when he attempted to fly off his cat tree by leaping off the top. Unfortunately, Stark’s plan was foiled when he got caught in the window blinds and ended up hanging upside down by his tail. After being rescued and undergoing medical treatment, Stark’s tail was saved and he has since made a full recovery.


Heidi Elizabeth, a Cocker Spaniel from Cumberland, R.I., attempted to get a better view of her owners as they drove away by using the back of a couch to look out of a second story window. However, the sporadic spaniel misjudged her leap to the top and crashed through the window, falling to the concrete driveway directly in front of her departing owner. Luckily, Heidi Elizabeth avoided any long term injuries and has since made a full recovery.

One final conclusion worth leaping to: among Nationwide’s database of insured pets, one species reigns supreme as the Leap Year champion is the Sugar Glider, a small gliding possum that leaps and can subsequently glide the length of a football field. Nationwide is the only pet insurance company in the United States that insures these leaping legends.


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