Nationwide Releases Most Popular Pet Names of 2015

For the first time this decade, “Bella” and “Max” were the most popular pet names in America for both dogs and cats, according to Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance. This year also featured a shift in popularity for pet birds with owners choosing the name “Charlie” more than any other. To determine the most popular pet names of 2015, Nationwide searched through its database of more than 550,000 insured pets. Following are the top 10 most common monikers for dogs, cats and birds:

Dogs Cats Birds
1. Bella 1. Bella 1. Charlie
2. Max 2. Max 2. Kiwi
3. Bailey 3. Oliver 3. Baby
4. Lucy 4. Chloe 4. Coco
5. Charlie 5. Lucy 5. Mango
6. Molly 6. Lily 6. Buddy
7. Daisy 7. Charlie 7. Sammy
8. Buddy 8. Sophie 8. Sunny
9. Maggie 9. Tiger 9. Ruby
10. Sophie 10. Shadow 10. Cosmo

Although the top 10 dog and cat names remained similar to last year, there was an emergence of new trends when comparing the names of pets born in 2015 with pets born a decade ago. In dogs, the name “Cooper” is more than three times more common among millennial puppies, and the name “Sadie” doubled in popularity. The canine moniker with the biggest decrease in popularity was “Buddy,” which dropped nearly 20 spots among newborn puppies. For cats, the name “Bella” was only the fifth most common name among kittens. The name “Leo” showed the largest growth and is nearly ten times more common among millennial kittens.

Despite these monikers being the most popular, many pet lovers choose less conventional names for their companions such as “Baron Von Furry Pants” and “Leonardo DiCATprio.” To view some of the more creative monikers selected for Nationwide’s Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names of 2015, visit

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