Canine’s Close Call with Vacuum Has “Hairy-Tail” Ending

Angelo and Janice Donato of Pompton Plains, N.J., never worried that Havee, their hairy-tailed Havanese, would have an altercation with a household appliance. The 4-year-old canine and the Donato’s vacuum had lived together peacefully, until a recent cleaning-spree resulted in an emergency visit to the local animal hospital, subsequently earning his title as the “Most Unusual August Claim.”

“I was vacuuming the dining room and I stuck my arm under the table to do the rug,” said Angelo. “I couldn’t see what I was doing and didn’t think much about it until Havee suddenly let out a loud yelp and darted out of the room. I had no idea that he had been sleeping under the table!”

Havee showed no signs of injury, but the couple reported that it took a half hour to console their shaken pet. The Donatos initially concluded that Havee was simply startled by his rude awakening. With little certainty about what had actually happened, the couple kept a close eye on their canine companion throughout the afternoon. “Though Havee’s mood had improved since the incident, he still wasn’t acting like himself,” added Angelo. “My wife and I noticed that he wasn’t wagging his tail like he usually does when he’s happy. That’s when we decided to take him to the emergency animal hospital.”

Much to the Donato’s surprise, the attending veterinarian informed them that the bruising around Havee’s tail indicated that it had been run over by the vacuum – an accident that could have had a grave outcome. According to Angelo, the veterinarian reported that if Havee’s tail had become tangled or stuck in the vacuum, it would have likely required amputation. Fortunately for Havee, he was only prescribed medication and plenty of rest.

Although Havee recovered quickly from his injury, Angelo admits that he is much more careful about household chores these days. “It’s so important for pet owners to constantly be aware of their surroundings, especially when they are busy or in a hurry,” said Angelo. The Donatos are much more mindful about their actions and how they can affect Havee, and are hopeful that their story will inspire other pet parents to do the same.

“We got VPI Pet Insurance for Havee when he was a puppy because we had heard horror stories about dogs getting very sick and costing their owners $4,000 to $6,000 in veterinary bills,” added Angelo. “Havee was our first pet and we wanted to protect ourselves against expensive illnesses. We never expected to use our insurance for an accident like this.”


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