Getting ‘boar’ than he expected

Though San Marcos, Texas has a reputation for being a college town, Sandy and her husband, Ben, live quietly in the country with their son and three dogs. With more than 800 acres of land to roam, the couple tries to make their space as safe and secure as possible. So, it was as a complete surprise to learn that Max, their 3-year-old Great Pyrenees, had not only escaped, but gotten his head caught in a hog trap; as such, this triumphant tale has earned Max a nomination for the 2019 Hambone Award.

Max Great Pyrenees Dog

“There are wild boars out in the country where we live, and there’s a creek that runs through San Marcos, so people have hog traps on their property around the river,” Sandy says. “Max got out of our property and I don’t know exactly how he did it, but he got his head in the hog trap somehow.”

Sandy and her family have had Max since he was just a little pup, adopting him from the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue in 2016. Lucky for Max, Sandy understands the Great Pyrenees breed and her decisions helped to save Max’s life. “His collar is always loose,” she says. “The Great Pyrenees breed likes to herd, chase objects and animals and protect, so we keep his collar very loose and that turns out to be why he was able to get out of the trap.”

When he was discovered with lacerations around his neck, Sandy acted swiftly and got him to BluePearl Pet Hospital where he received stellar treatment.

Max Great Pyrenees Dog

“Needless to say, if pets accidentally fall victim to a wild animal trap, it is imperative that owners seek treatment for pets immediately in case of internal injuries or broken bones,” said Carol McConnell, DVM, MBA, vice president and chief veterinary officer for Nationwide.

“They took him right in,” Sandy recalls. “They told us what was happening, looked at his wounds, put him under anesthesia, and stitched him up.” Sandy notes that according to the doctors, one of the wounds was deep and almost cut his jugular vein. BluePearl Pet Hospital was able to patch Max up in just six hours. Amazingly, Sandy and her family were cleared to take the big guy home within a day.

Max Great Pyrenees Dog

Sandy was overjoyed and appreciative of the service Max received. “They were fabulous, the team there was awesome and kept us informed.”

When it comes to owning a pet, Sandy suggests that owners truly know and understand the breed they have. Aside from having the proper space and facilities to own a pet, Sandy notes that it’s important for owners to be equipped all around.

“Owners need to be prepared for their [pets’] healthcare and for unexpected accidents that may occur. Pet insurance is very important because you never know what your babies are going to get into, they are just like a child.”


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