Mailman Motivates Collie’s Crash through Window

Most dogs are content to simply bark at the mailman, but not Aubie. Upon delivery of his owner’s mail, the 1-year-old Border collie chose to make his presence known by running full-speed into and through a closed window.

“Aubie’s never been enamored with the mailman,” said Sharman Martin of Birmingham, Ala. “When he heard the mailman at the door, he went tearing from the back room, jumped up to the front window and shattered a pane with his left leg. I was still in the back when I heard the glass shatter, but I knew it was him. When I ran in, it looked like a crime scene: shattered glass and blood everywhere.”

Martin wrapped Aubie’s leg in a towel and rushed him to the veterinarian’s office. The veterinarian began surgery immediately, suturing a ligament and stitching four separate gashes on Aubie’s left leg. About two and a half hours later, Aubie emerged from surgery with 40 stitches and an Elizabethan collar.

“Aubie’s as good as new now and he’s taking anti-anxiety medications to calm him down,” said Martin. “I have since moved a couch over in front of the window just in case he didn’t learn his lesson. Turns out that the mailman was three hours late the day of the accident, so I’m very thankful I was home when it happened and glad I have pet insurance. One of my friends asked, ‘How did you know to get pet insurance?’ and I said, ‘I know my dog.’”



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