Terrier Bites Chainsaw, Chainsaw Bites Back

Darci Jun 2010

Pets have one of two reactions to a noisy appliance: There are those that ignore it and those that react as though it’s a mortal enemy. Barbara Abell’s 2-year-old West Highland white terrier Darci falls into the latter camp. “Darci has always snapped at the vacuum, mower, and lawn edger,” the Belleville, Ill., resident explained. “She never actually touched them, but she would lunge at them.”

A few weeks back, Barbara’s husband was using a chainsaw to cut up a branch that had fallen off a tree in the family’s backyard. Shortly after letting Darci into the yard for a bathroom break, Barbara heard her granddaughter calling her name. “The next thing I know,” Barbara said, “my granddaughter is standing in the bedroom with Darci in her arms. She says, ‘Darci bit the chainsaw.’” Darci had indeed taken a bite at the running chainsaw as Barbara’s husband was slicing a log.

Barbara quickly wet a washcloth with cold water and pressed it to Darci’s bleeding muzzle. Upon closer examination, Barbara found that the saw had torn two holes in Darci’s right upper lip near her nose. With her regular veterinarian’s office closed for the weekend, Barbara rushed Darci to an emergency clinic 20 minutes away. The veterinarian on duty quickly evaluated the terrier’s condition and explained that Darci would need surgery to close her wounds.

Five hours and four stitches later, Darci was on her way home. “She was drowsy and just wanted to sleep,” Barbara said, “but by the next day, she was back to her feisty self.”

Barbara’s advice for fellow pet owners is not to assume their pets will keep their distance from dangerous equipment. “I would tell others to make sure that your pets are not close to you if you are using any type of tool,” Barbara concluded. “If your puppy is as inquisitive as mine, it just might cost it its nose!”



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