Roxy’s Resilience: Doberman Defeats Cancer

Roxy the 9-year-old Doberman Pinscher became part of Natalie and Laurence Warriner’s family when she was just eight weeks old at their home in rural England. One year later, the family got word that one of her litter mates had been returned to the breeder, and without hesitation, they adopted him. The family has since relocated to the U.S. in Lovettsville, Va., and the Doberman duo have created an inseparable bond.

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Natalie, who was a dog trainer in England, has enrolled Roxy and her brother in various training courses over their lifetime, including: obedience, agility and scent tracking. The loyal siblings have been a mainstay in the Warriner’s everyday life, and routinely accompany Natalie at work. Natalie has even written a novel documenting the tales of the two Doberman’s lives. However, their incredible bond nearly came to an end after Roxy was diagnosed with cancer.

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Last May, Natalie called Roxy in from playtime outside when she noticed a small lump on her eyelid. She thought it looked like an allergic reaction and decided it was best to have a veterinarian examine it further.

“I thought maybe her skin was irritated from the grass, but I wanted to be sure,” said Natalie. “Our veterinarian looked at it and thought it was a benign mass, possibly caused from irritation. He didn’t feel that it was too serious and asked us to keep an eye on it.”

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As the days passed, Natalie knew something wasn’t right. The lump was growing incredibly fast, and had nearly doubled in size. With the situation becoming unnerving, Natalie took Roxy back to the veterinarian. Natalie could sense the staff’s concern as they examined the lump.

“They seemed a little shocked that the bump had grown so fast,” said Natalie. “They scheduled her for surgery and tests. I left Roxy in their hands, hoping for the best. I’ll never forget when they called with the results.”

The news was devastating. Roxy’s lump was diagnosed as an extremely rare form of external Lymphoma. The veterinarian informed Natalie that further tests would be necessary, but because of the type of cancer, they would need to transfer her to a specialty oncologist.


“I was sobbing when I was told the diagnosis,” said Natalie. “We knew this was going to be tough, but we weren’t going to give up. We called the oncologist immediately and he gave us all the options. We made it clear that we wanted everything done to save Roxy’s life.”

Roxy was taken in for further rounds of extensive tests and X-rays. With emotions running high, Natalie received a call with the results… and they were positive. The cancer was still in the early stages and hadn’t spread to any other parts of Roxy’s body. After a few more follow up procedures to the affected area, the veterinary deemed Roxy cancer free.

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Roxy has since cleared her six month checkup and the Doberman duo have returned to their whimsical ways. Natalie is grateful for the incredible veterinary care that saved Roxy and is appreciative of the pet insurance support she received from Nationwide.

“Without Nationwide, I don’t know what we would have done,” said Natalie. “Having pet insurance gave us peace of mind and allowed us to get Roxy the help she needed without worrying about costs. Incidents like this are why we’ve always had and always will have pet insurance.”

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